Energy Improvements Financing through CEE

Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is a Minnesota nonprofit that is dedicated to offering practical energy solutions to help homes, buildings, and communities thrive.

A key component of their program is the financing options available to homeowners and businesses. These financing solutions make it easier to implement energy-efficient upgrades, ensuring that everyone can benefit from improved energy performance and cost savings. To learn more about CEE’s loan options, click here

EZPAY Financing through Center Point Energy

The Center Point Energy EZ Pay On-Bill Loan (EZPAY) is a financing option designed to make energy-efficient home improvements accessible to eligible homeowners and rental property owners. By partnering with registered HVAC dealers like K&M Heating & Air Conditioning, EZPAY offers convenient financing for home upgrades and integrates the repayment into your utility bill for easy, hassle-free payments.

To see if you qualify for this innovative financing program, click here